First Chiropractic Care Visit

30 Mins | $85
First Chiropractic Care office visit including Physical exam, Neurologic and Orthopedic tests and 1st Adjustment

Follow-up Chiropractic Care Visit

15 mins | $65
Follow-up single visit for Chiropractic Care


Nutrition & Blood Lab Review

1 hour | $130
Nutrition & Blood Lab Review is all about YOU. Simply put, it’s about accessing where you are and determining what’s going on in your world (what’s working & what’s not), and where you want to be – goal setting – establishing a realistic action plan.

Family Nutrition Counseling

1 hour | $150
Family Nutrition Counseling is a service that allows another opinion by an expert, in order to drive home the importance for ALL family members to help better understand the role of diet and good nutrition. This occurs in YOUR home!

Improving Lifestyle

30 min | $65
Is your workout not as challenging as it has been in the past? Have you plateaued and feel the need to change things up, this session will help you to reconnect with your power and all you to meet your goals. Talk therapy is cheap!

Personal Nutrition Counseling

30 min | $65

Personal Nutritional Counseling is about developing the plan that allows you to accomplish your short term, as well as your long term goals. This service allows you to edit and better manage your program, with supervision.

Sustainable Weight Management

30 min | $65

Sometimes we all need some encouragement – that’s what this session is all about. Let’s discuss your progress and map out some strategies to assure success. Anything goes!

Sustainable Weight Management

30 min | $65
General Office Visit is a half hour session where we can do follow up work on any topic.


Grocery Tours

1 hour | $150
Let’s go shopping! Don’t tell me that there are no tasty vegetables or clean tasty meats to add some healthy protein to your diet. We can go shopping together and find all those gems required to truly “moan” as you consume your meals. Yes, it’s possible!

Healthy Cooking Classes

1 Hour | $150
Healthy Cooking Classes are about receiving healthy cooking advice, ideas, and an overall cooking session at your home. Enjoy your healthy meal with a detailed recipe for future occasions. We can even clean out your pantry at this event.







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